Thursday, 2 March 2017

Nash Higgins of The Independent doesn't have a clue about military operations

Nash Higgins of The Independent doesn't have a club about military operations. An article published by Evgeny Lebedev's newspaper shows that Mr Higgins seems to believe that in military operations there cannot be casualties, perhaps unaware of the fact that even in the most successful military operations there can be casualties.

Having said that, Mr Higgins follows Mr Lebedev's guidelines in terms of writing rubbish about President Donald Trump because such writings are popular with the Clinton News Networks and other rags passing as Free Press.

This brilliant strategist of The Independent, self-declared military strategist, writes a shambles pretending to be writing a serious journalistic article.

This is a kind of journalism aimed at feeding mass hysteria based on ignorance because the company and its editors obviously know that it is the kind of trash that many equally ignorant individuals in the United Kingdom seem to love.

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