Monday, 6 March 2017

CNN lies, distorting and fabricating

CNN lied, distorted and fabricated reports without even bothering to wait for the truth to come up. They talked about Jewish cemetery vandalised, Muslims come to repair damaged tombstones and now says that there was no vandalism whatsoever and that it was a case of environmental damage and lack of repairs.

This is what CNN broadcast trying to blame Donald Trump for a 'sudden rise of anti-Semitic attacks'. They also talk about Muslims come to help to repair the damaged tombstones.

Now, a few days later, CNN says that cemeteries were damaged by climate and lack of maintenance and there were no such acts of vandalism.

To conclude, Clinton News Network jumped on the bandwagon for the sake of cheap propaganda to create animosity against President Trump. 

This kind of sick treatment of information provided openly to the public is what creates hatred and division and CNN is very much part of such mediocre, inflammatory and divisive kind of reporting that I doubt very much that it could be classified as journalism.

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