Friday, 3 March 2017

Senator Shumer showing his Russian connections

Democrat Senator Shumer and Russian President Vladimir Putin
Democrat Senator Shumer is accusing President Trump administration of having 'Russian ties'.

Well, guess who is on the picture.

The hypocrisy of Senator Shumer seems to know no limits and there many like him amongst the followers of Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps and without perhaps Senator Shumer should come clean and stop his hate campaign against President Trump.

The Democrats should be used to the fact that they lost the election despite all the machinations of CNN, Newsweek, the Washington Post and others who actively campaigned against President Donald Trump and among the culprits we must include core of the Hollywood, the ones who didn't know which picture actual won the Oscar Nomination as the best movie. Perhaps the Hollywood establishment should make a movie about its own failures and about its own political interests that have transformed the movie industry into a propaganda machine with echoes of McCarthism when actors who disagree with the official line are blacklisted.

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