Saturday, 11 March 2017

Angela Merkel: What a catastrophic German Chancellor

Angela Merkel: What a catastrophic German Chancellor!

The Guardian as many other media talk about the fury of Angela Merkel as Turkey accuses Germany of implementing 'Nazi-style practices' because Turkish politicians are not being allowed to carry out a campaign in favour of a Turkish constitutional reform in Germany.

The Netherlands and several others countries don't want their territories to be used by Turkish politicians as a political battlefield to extend the powers of President Erdogan.

One should expect then that all EU plans to incorporate Turkey as a member country of the EU would have stalled.

Another aspect of the confrontation is the fact that Turkey is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

And there is also yet another issue which is the issue of refugees/economic migrants given that Angela Merkel has been at the forefront of a campaign to persuade Turkey to act as a wall to prevent the passage of millions of migrants on their way to Continental Europe.

Angela Merkel has been an unmitigated disaster. Firstly, she made a very pompous statement saying "All refugees welcome". She didn't even bother to consult with other EU countries that were going to be affected as routes of passage towards Germany. She generated crisis after crisis as other countries were being overrun by a massive influx of migrants and things got ugly not just in the other countries affected but also in Germany.

Germany wasn't prepared to register the huge number of newcomers. Germany didn't have the means to determine who was a genuine refugee and who wasn't a genuine refugee. Germany didn't have the means to support millions of people coming in. No income, no places to stay, not enough services to support such a massive demographic influx.

She tried to force other countries to take refugees. She tried to put in place a deal with Turkey to contain the influx of migrants. She talked about paying people to go back to their countries of origin. She talked about deporting people without even knowing if they were real refugees or merely economic migrants.

Angela Merkel has made the situation of real refugees a lot worse and in the process is turning ordinary people against real refugees. Suddenly, the vocabulary changes and we talk more and more about migrants. In one of her latest interventions, she talks about 'safe countries'. She doesn't have a clue about what is talking about. She could be sending people back to be killed in her desperation to get rid of migrants when the campaign towards Federal Elections in Germany is in full swing already.

A demagogue, an incompetent politician and a very irresponsible German Chancellor who is now been categorised as a Nazi by the very same people she was trying to make a deal to keep migrants out of Germany.

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