Thursday, 23 March 2017

London: The number of victims of Moderate Islam keeps growing

Aysha Frade is one of the latest victims of Moderate Islam. The mother of two was slaughtered yesterday close to the Houses of Parliament where Libtards and Lefttards Members of Parliament and their acolytes continue to promote the so called Religion of Peace.

"We must be more like they are", they say. So maybe we should all drive cars into crowds and stab Police officers in front of the House of Parliament. What do you think? Or we should detonate bombs inside underground trains and on buses. Or we should stab elderly Catholic priests in French churches. Or we should go around raping women and children across Europe. Or we should go around beheading people in the name of Sharia Law. Would such actions make us be as the ones they seek to protect?

The Politically Correct Society protects the enemies of Western Civilisation talking about Human Rights. What about the Human Rights of the victims of Muslim attacks?

And the you have statesmen like President Erdogan saying: Europeans will not be safe on European streets or Turkish newspapers reminding Netherlands that it only has about 40,000 soldiers while there are more than 400,000 Turks living in Netherlands. Aren't such statements a declaration of war against ordinary law abiding European people?

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