Sunday, 12 February 2017

Liam Byrne: Constantly fuelling hatred will lead to mass killings in Britain

Liam Byrne MP
What Liam Byrne MP and others do not seem to realise is that their campaign of hatred against US President Donald Trump constitutes incitement that could certainly lead to mass killings in Britain.

Some people like and some people don't like the elected President of the USA as people like or don't like elected politicians in the United Kingdom. This is no excuse to incite the masses in what has become a hate campaign.

The Labour MP should be aware of the tension that he and others are creating and of the consequences of such tensions. We had riots in the United Kingdon, including the Brixton riots and the Tottenham riots that spread across the country. Is the Labour MP aware of the potential of pack mentality taking over the streets of Britain? If tempers flare and people get killed, he and others involved in such hate campaign will have blood in their hands.

We don't need any more incitement. We don't need any more propaganda. Hasn't the political establishment learnt any lessons after the attack against Jo Cox? Even the more peaceful of demonstrations can lead to murder. 

This is a time to cool down. This is a time to prevent violence because violence will occur when people led to the streets engage in pack behaviour fuelled by politicians like Liam Byrne.


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