Friday, 3 May 2013

Lord Clown - Kenneth Clark's new title

Kenneth Clarke aka Lord Clown
Mr Fruitcakes, listening to Viking Boris’s advice, asked the troops to shut up and disregard comments made by Lord Clown but the shut up call came too late and the Conservative ship was rammed and sunk. Somebody refloated the pictures of a Nazi Conservative making a Nazi salute and all attempts to torpedo the anti-EU vessel fell on deaf ears.

The Conservative heartlands know better. The official Conservative Party no longer represents Conservative voters. As a matter of fact, the official Conservative Party ceased to represent Conservative voters in a fateful day in 1990 when men in grey suits assassinated a Conservative Prime Minister who had won three consecutive General Elections.

One wonders if Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine and others merely attended the funeral of Margaret Thatcher to confirm that she was actually dead.

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