Tuesday, 28 May 2013

‘Help the Heroes’ rejects EDL donations

‘Help the Heroes’ rejects EDL donations

Tommy Robinson EDL
It was just a matter of time but it was bound to happen. EDL donations have been rejected by the charity Help the Heroes in yet another case of political correctness. The charity, and anybody else for that matter, wouldn’t have a clue about where the money donated is coming from because money is money and does not have any political allegiance.

In actual fact, unknowingly, Help the Heroes has been receiving money from every political organisation including UKIP, EDL and British National Party because, unless specifically told, it is impossible to verify where the money is actually coming from.

From a theatrical point of view and to be shown as holding the moral higher ground, those running Help the Heroes rejected the EDL campaign to collect funds but from a practical point of view it makes absolutely no difference.

The big losers in this affair are the veterans themselves because there will be less money available to support them.

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