Thursday, 23 May 2013

George Galloway making sense?

George Galloway making sense?

George Galloway twitted that the people that killed a British soldier in London are linked to AlQaeda guerrillas in Syria, guerrillas that are being supported by the British government.

Suddenly, things fall into place and this is the real madness behind what is happening in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The British government under Tony Blair supported Boris Berezovsky who was himself a known supporter of Islamic guerrillas linked to AlQaeda in Chechnya at a time when British troops were involved in a conflict against AlQaeda.

All the Draconian measures implemented to keep Islamic terrorists at bay in the United Kingdom did not help to avoid the catastrophe of July 7th 2005 and as a head of the Security Services stated in the House of Commons ‘British security services do not have the necessary manpower to counter homeland terrorists and many of them are bound to avoid detection’. This, according to MI5, is one of the greatest concerns.

We need a consistent foreign policy. We cannot fight AlQaeda in Afghanistan and then go and support AlQaeda somewhere else. We know what happens in Nigeria where the Nigerian government is carrying out a campaign to exterminate Muslim rebels linked to AlQaeda. Who killed a British soldier in London? The British soldier was killed by two Nigerians who converted to Islam . Where is the logic of British foreign policy?

If you send AlQaeda terrorists to British jails, they will be very happy because they will be surrounded by their peers. The best option would be to help them join Allah as soon as possible. 

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