Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Britain's Independence Day

City analysts speculate, more and more, about when Britain will be leaving the EU. British Foreign Policies should be dictated by British interests rather than American interests. It is sad to see Britain so blatantly isolated – and even hated – because it has been driven along the wrong path. When it comes to the Special Relationship, it is plainly visible that such Special Relationship is working against British interests.

When British Interests are under attack in the South Atlantic Region, the USA supports those who attack British Interests and this dramatically increases the risk of yet another military conflict. Despite all the smiles for the cameras, President Barack Obama hates Britain that he still sees as the colonial power that seized much of the African Continent.

Never mind if Britain helped to create today’s African countries that would not exist without European Intervention. Most of the African problems of today started with tribal divisions that have plagued Africa for many centuries and the said problems were made even worse by internal corruption.

Thanks to internal corruption, African countries have been exploited in every possible way by arms dealers, drug traffickers and foreign governments in what constitutes a new form of slavery. The number of those dying today because of poverty, crime and preventable illnesses is much bigger than the number of those who died during the entire slavery period.

Britain needs to be the master of its own Foreign Policies to try and break the cycle of exploitation. America is only interested in Africa insofar China is making great advances and taking over much of the African continent.

British Foreign Policies based on peaceful coexistence, social and technological cooperation and prosperous trade relationships could help deliver the promises of a New Millennium. American “Armagedon” policies will only lead to more and more confrontation as if we did not have enough problems to deal with. Britain must have its own Independence Day.

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