Thursday, 23 August 2012

Labour Party proposes to increase tax on fuel and congestion charges

Labour Party proposes to increase tax on fuel and congestion charges

The same Labour Party that criticizes the Conservative Party for increasing VAT because they say that VAT penalizes the poor is now asking for higher taxes on fuel and higher and widespread congestion charge.

Does is sounds ridiculous? The Labour Party bankrupt Britain, exported British jobs, got involved in illegal wars to destroy foreign countries and murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims and the Labour Party is still campaigning for more wars and more illegal invasions.

The Institute of Public Policy Research aka Labour Party is talking about increasing the burden the most deprived sectors are already facing. Tax on fuel is a multiplier of prices in the economy. If the price of fuel goes up, transport costs – especially those affecting transport of food items – go up and supermarkets then proceed to impose higher prices that directly affect consumers.

Transport companies already made uncompetitive by the Labour Party will be at an even greater disadvantage and many will simply cease to exist because they cannot possibly compete with European companies and as a direct consequence jobs will be lost and ordinary people will be paying even more for their food.

The Labour Party says that it wants to counter public transport fare rises. Well, the Labour Party created the mechanism that led to yearly fares increases of three points above the rate of inflation. If transport fares go up every January it is thanks to the Labour Party and it has been announced that transport fares will go up by 11 per cent in January 2013.

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