Sunday, 5 August 2012

Scottish Sun: Stirring up racial and religious hatred

Scottish Sun: Stirring up racial and religious hatred

Irresponsible mass media will create carnage. The Scottish Sun even jokes about hanging Conservative politicians. Such is the level of violence displayed by a journalist that  it beggars belief the fact that we are talking about a British newspaper.

Whatever our political views, we must all act responsibly and be extremely aware of the fact that whatever goes around comes around. Power and Responsibility should come together and, whatever your views, we must remember that peaceful coexistence will not be possible in an environment poisoned by newspapers like the Scottish Sun.

It is fact that the vast majority of the Muslim Community does not engage in acts of terrorism but it is also fact that those who are actually involved in acts of terrorism use the arguments of a politically correct society as a smoke screen to protect themselves. People like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa were all too quick to claim that their human rights were violated while at the same time they plotted to destroy the society that is the foundation of human rights.

If a journalist criticises us for wanting to get rid of Islamic terrorists, so be it. If a newspaper like the Scottish Sun persists in its incitement to violence, then it should be dealt accordingly and those in charge should take full responsibility.

No wonder the Scottish Sun is losing its readers and with less readers one presumes that responsible advertisers will not want to support such a newspaper.

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