Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muslims that commit crimes and stereotypes affecting communities

Muslims that commit crimes and stereotypes affecting communities

A few weeks ago, during a television programme broadcast by Vox Africa, a Muslim representative said that those who engaged in rape and other kind of reprehensible behaviour were not Muslims – referring to gang rape activities in the United Kingdom. Well, Muslims are no different from members of the other communities that engage in criminal activity. Christians and Jews are still Christian and Jewish regardless of their behaviour and Muslims cannot deny their own heritage in spite of being engaged in despicable acts.

The killings that happen across the so called Muslim world are yet another example. The victims are Muslims and the perpetrators are Muslims in the very same manner. So let’s be honest and fair to all religions and say that those involved in gang rape are Muslims because Islam is their heritage even if they do not follow the moral teachings of Islam. Islamic communities in the United Kingdom, like all the other communities, must take account of what their members do or do not do. What is of paramount importance is that crime is crime regardless of who the victims and the perpetrators are.

During another television programme, I met two smartly dressed representatives of Black communities in Britain. One of them said loud and clear that he was against hoodies because the dress style attracted the wrong kind of attention and served to perpetuate negative stereotypes that damage the image of Black communities in the United Kingdom. The British National Party rejects hoodies and all the negative aspects of what has become a sub-culture.

The other Black representative that works for The Voice - a community newspaper published in the United Kingdom - said that he absolutely rejected British foreign policy regarding countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and the Muslim world in general and that such interventionism was yet another kind of racism. The British National Party rejects interventionism in the Muslim World.

So regardless of stereotypes, when people start talking to each other – despite the brainwashing activities of the mass media whose sole interest is to create conflict and confrontation – we discover that there is agreement regarding a vast number of issues.

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