Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our enemies are afraid of Peace

If there is Peace, defined as absence of armed conflict, our enemies stand to lose trillions of Dollars. Every war is a financial enterprise and for thousands of years we have been killing each other to make somebody else rich. The war in Afghanistan and conflicts in Middle East and elsewhere are used to make money at the expense of ordinary people.

Race wars, religious wars, and whatever they can use against us, exist for a purpose: to make money. After the attacks in the USA in September 2011, quite a few people rubbed their hands with glee thinking about the vast amounts of money they were about to make. The poor cattle farmer in Afghanistan had no idea that he was going to die to benefit the merchants of war, in the very same way that a boy in Iraq, left without legs,without arms and without a family as a direct consequence of American bombing in Iraq couldn't possibly have foreseen that somebody else was going to be rich by murdering his family and severing his limbs.


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