Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Are we heading for a General Election?

Are we heading for a General Election?

What the persistent bad news in terms of the economy could not do, the potential U-Turn (you might ask which U-Turn since there have been quite a few) might be about to do: the end of the Conservative/Lid Dem Coalition. Which U-Turn? The U-Turn regarding an additional runway at Heathrow Airport, despite the fact that Nick Clegg has been at odds trying to deny that once again he will be lowering his political trousers to maintain an illusion of unity.

During the GLA Elections, all political parties were against the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Only the Independent Candidate Siobhan Benita was openly in favour of expansion plans that can only be implemented by demolishing entire communities. The seemingly united Conservative Party has never been united – they only get together to win elections or not to win elections. In practice, it is a vote cooperative made to fool the Electorate by telling everybody whatever they want to hear.

Not long ago, David Cameron backstabbed its own voters by giving developers the powers to delete green countryside areas and for all the talk about protecting the Armed Forces the Conservatives have been implementing wild-cuts of the Defence Budget, including the now defunct Naval Task Force. While new additions to the Armed Forces are being celebrated with pomp and circumstance at the Tower of London, tens of thousands of military personnel – including those deployed in Afghanistan – are heading towards forced retirement.

If Boris Johnson wanted an opportunity to behead David Cameron, this is it. Boris Johnson spoke against the expansion of Heathrow Airport and in favour of building a new airport facility in the Thames Estuary without the need to destroy residential areas of London and long established communities. I suppose that a country that could create an airport in Hong Kong by building islands in the ocean has the know-how and the capabilities to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

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