Saturday, 4 August 2012

Our opponents’ ignorance bothers me but it is understandable given who they are

Our opponents’ ignorance bothers me but it is understandable given who they are

More often than not, our opponents live in confusion and do not understand the differences between the British National Party, the National Front, the English Defence League, the English Democrats, the United Kingdom Independence Party and other political organisations. They try and hide their ignorance by using labels of the 1930s, their favourite labels being Nazi, Fascist and Racist.

During the 2012 GLA electoral campaign, even Lawrence Webb of UKIP was labelled ‘racist’ because he dared to oppose flood immigration as if all immigrants coming to Britain were of the same race. When such criticisms are made you understand that many of our opponents are primates that haven’t come down from the trees of political stupidity.

Even people that are supposed to have a grain of brainpower like Matthew Goodwin, somebody who is said to be knowledgeable when it comes to politics, is intellectually unable to tell apart organisations that due to geographical, historical and ideological factors are as equal as apples and oranges. His analysis of the evolution of what he calls ‘right wing’ organisations in Europe is marred in confusion.

Things get even more complicated when they blatantly ignore the differences between Politische Bewegung, Politische Partei and Soziale Bewegung (Political Movement, Political Party and Social Movement). An example of Social Movement is the so called Occupy Wall Street Movement. An example of Political Movement is the English Defense League. The British National Party is a Political Party. They are different when it comes to their methods and organisation and they are different when it comes to their aims.

Talking to an Austrian journalist, I explicitly said that in order to understand what is going on in Europe we need to be absolutely precise. Fascism was specific to Italy and to the idea of the revival of the Italian State and of the past glories of the Roman Empire. It had its own political aims, its own economic ideology and was not racially orientated. National Socialism, in spite of rising to power in Germany, had its roots in Austria where there had been growing resentment, after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, against non-German minorities ie Czechs. Franquismo was specific to Spain and was a reaction of the Catholic establishment against Marxist elements. Even after the Spanish Civil War that started in 1936 and having won with the cooperation of National Socialist Germany, General Franco did not join the Axe and chose to remain neutral.

For centuries, anti-Semitism had been rampant across Europe – partly promoted by Christian teachings about the Crucifixion of Jesus. The organised Churches had ignored the fact that Jesus himself was Jewish and linked to the Royal House of David, his followers were mainly Jewish and the Bible is very much part of the Jewish tradition. Christianity had been born out of Judaism and paradoxically Judaism was being rejected and those of Jewish origin persecuted. So the attitudes of our opponents when it comes to politics are not new. They are as irrational as the Christian Churches that promoted anti-Semitism.

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