Sunday, 19 August 2012

Threats against friendly countries will not improve Britain’s standing

We were made aware of the fact that Britain has been threatening Ecuador, a small Latin American country, and telling them to do what Britain wants or else. The Conservative/Lib Dem coalition that so much talks about protecting the right of asylum, refugees and human rights showed its true colours when they said that they were ready and willing to violate International Law and invade the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

The Embassy of any country is territory of the country it represents and Britain has absolutely no right to invade the Embassy of Ecuador and forcefully take away a person that has been granted asylum.

The attitudes of the British government in this particular case are nonsensical and extremely damaging for British foreign relations. I am sure that President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela are celebrating this British own-goal. I am also sure that the governments of other hostile countries are also celebrating. Let’s not forget that the country that is talking about violating International Law is a member of the Security Council of the Organization of the United Nations.

As soon as the Olympic Games ended, we are confronted with everyday realities of a British Establishment that has lost the plot completely. Bullying attitudes are not creating new friends and are alienating entire regions of the world. Ill will will not improve Britain's standing in the world and will not benefit trade relations. Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives are not only incompetent in terms of national policies. They don’t have the faintest idea about what a successful Foreign Policy actually means.

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