Sunday, 26 August 2012

“Woman A” smiling after been sexually assaulted 48 hours earlier?

“Woman A” smiling after been sexually assaulted 48 hours earlier?

Reportedly, 48 hours after an alleged sexual assault, one of the women that accused Julian Assange was photographed together with Julian Assange smiling in front the camera. The woman identified as “Woman A” was reportedly following Julian Assange everywhere he went, offering herself as ad hoc secretary and this happened after she says the assault took place.

Reportedly too, the wife of the man who being President of the United States did not have sex with a White House intern called Monica Lewinsky and is now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been touring NATO countries to talk about… “American Swedish trade relations” when the so called ‘sexual assault’ had not even been mentioned. One can only speculate about what was being traded.

In front of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London somebody asked me what William Hague as British Foreign Secretary should do. I said that William Hague should grant Julian Assange safe passage to Ecuador. We must stop embarrassing ourselves as a country. If the Swedish authorities want to be internationally ridiculed, that is up to them.  

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