Monday, 13 August 2012

Lord Coe justifies offending non Christians

Lord Coe justifies offending non Christians

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is a typical example of how Christianity can be made a laughing stock while anybody doing the same regarding other religions would be arrested for hate crimes. The headline of the Evening Standard on today’s edition – From nuns in knickers to London cabbies, the 3,500 volunteers were real stars – is a violation of the principle that says that no religion should be exposed to ridicule.

Miranda Bryant will have blood in her hands next time somebody attacks non-Christians in the streets but what troubles us even more is that Lord Coe, core person in charge of the organization of the London Olympic Games 2012, raised no objection. Some Muslim organisations have indicated that the number of assaults against Muslims is rising. Well, if this is true, newspapers like the Evening Standard are not helping to maintain peaceful coexistence and somebody of the stature of Lord Coe is failing in its duty of care.

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