Friday, 3 August 2012

Matthew Collins: Far Right infiltrates HNH

Matthew Collins: Far Right infiltrates HNH

When racist thugs who were expelled by the National Front because their views were considered to be too extreme and even dangerous join a left-wing organisation you know there is something very wrong. It does not surprise us given the growing rift between Searchlight and HNH, one run by a Jewish activist and the other run by a pro-Islamic editor.

It is difficult to believe that somebody who held views that were more extreme than the views of the National Front can now suddenly be ‘a new-born Christian that suddenly saw the light’. It was reported than in the 1980s, after being expelled by the National Front because of his extreme views, Mr. Collins who was then short of money made a £1,000 deal to publicly reject his own views. After a failed attempt to settle down in Australia, Mr. Collins is back in Britain working for those that were his publicly declared enemies.

Something similar happened when individuals classified as Far Right extremists joined the English Democrats and even willingly worked for the BBC to produce an infamous Panorama programme.

There is one constant element that joins the dots: the uncanny interest in sexual overtones and a declared interest in talking about artificial sexual scandals created when their intellectual capabilities do not allow them to talk about serious political issues. When talking about sexuality, the left should be extremely careful because they are walking on broken glass. Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone in his memoirs gives us an insight about the ‘parallel activities’ of the Labour Party, including wife swapping parties in Lambeth. Obviously, they cannot possibly hold the high moral ground.

It is also obvious for those of us who knew some of the tactics used by both Communists and Socialists to attract new followers. It is a well known fact that sexual promiscuity was encouraged for political purposes. Putting a group of ‘easy-going’ young girls together with a bunch of hormone driven individuals, they got the perfect recipe to widen their power base. Why should they care about ideology or principles when they could use human instinct and basic biology?

Somebody suggested to us that Matthew Collins might have even more powerful reasons to write about sexuality. For more than twenty years he hasn’t had a stable relationship and has had no known relationship with females. We are not about to point an accusing finger at Matthew Collins. In fact, as an adult, Mr Collins is the master of his own destiny and has every right to interact or not to interact with females. We only mention this fact because it sounds and looks very peculiar or even odd.

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