Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Liberation of South Africa: A gigantic propaganda lie

Liberation of South Africa: A gigantic propaganda lie

For years on end the BBC has been feeding us lies about South Africa, a country that despite its riches is still mired in a sea of crime, poverty and diseases. Never mind if the government is now headed by Blacks instead of Whites. The realities of South Africa have changed very little. The slaughter at the Marikana mine of 34 miners who dared to ask for salary rises is yet another example. The victims were Black, the shooters were Black but the capitals involved are very white.

We usually talk about white farmers being killed on a daily basis. Today, let's talk about Black workers being exploited and killed.

If publications like The Voice and the politically correct classes want to talk about Slavery, let’s talk about today’s Slavery in South Africa under the African National Congress administration (ANC). Behind the socialist agenda lies the truth of exploitation and lack of hope in which private investors – many of them foreign investors – bleed South Africa to death.

What happens in South Africa does not surprise me. You only have to look at Labour Party policies to understand. Regardless of Labour’s propaganda lies, many within Black communities are waking up and as member of the British National Party my mission is to talk with representatives of Black communities in Britain to tell them the truth and to show them how they are being exploited.

Black representatives are no longer impressed with the quota system and they understand that the quota system rather than helping the Black communities is the one thing that keeps them stuck in low income jobs at the best of times and out of work most of the time.

Representatives of Black communities are no longer impressed by flood immigration either. They now know that flood immigration from present European Union countries, rather than improve the chances of their unemployed youths, condemns British Blacks to permanent unemployment. So called Globalisation is no more than a policy towards cheap salaries that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United Kingdom and enslaved millions across the world.

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