Friday, 17 August 2012

Gypsies human right to take over Marlborough College?

The news that on Thursday night more than 30 gypsies invaded Marlborough College is welcomed news. Suddenly, a convoy of vehicles including caravans, horseboxes, trucks and a lavatory block arrived and the gipsies settled down on private land belonging to an institution where the Duchess of Cambridge used to captain a hockey team. Maybe they heard about it and they want to learn how to play hockey. I suspect that college authorities don’t want to play this kind of ball game. Thinking about Windsor Castle, the gipsies would add a multicultural touch for the enjoyment of the Royal Family.

Police and private security guards had to be called in by the college authorities afraid of bigger numbers of gipsies that could arrive to take over private land. I feel extreme pleasure seeing that not only the poorer hard working classes have to put up with the undesirables. Now, the Establishment is facing abuses supported by political correctness. We should ask the Romanian gipsies to follow suit.
Why camping in Hyde Park when Oxford and Cambridge properties can offer much more picturesque and comfortable surroundings to go and break every law in the country?

Some years ago, during a demonstration of the Countryside Alliance, somebody told me that the gentry did not like the British National Party. Well, I hope they enjoy the gipsies camping in private land. The gentry could even ask the gipsies about the future. Reading the palms of their hands, the gipsies could tell them that the end of rural communities that usually support the Conservative Party is near.

Once the said areas become ‘multicultural’, camps and housing states will be sprawling everywhere and Conservative Parliamentary seats will be lost forever. Sadly for the Conservatives, the one that opened the gates of hell by allowing developers to destroy rural communities is none other than the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.
David Cameron justified flood immigration by saying that British youths are lazy. The gipsies are not lazy, are they?. They move pretty quickly to occupy somebody else’s land illegally.

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