Saturday, 4 June 2016

Muhammad Ali refused to fight in Vietnam, one of the many artificial wars created by the American Empire

Muhammad Ali will be remembered as the Three Times World Heavyweight Boxing Champion but most importantly he will be honoured for refused to fight in Vietnam, in one of the many wars artificially created by the American Empire.

When there was a choice to be made between conscience and convenience, he chose conscience something that in today's World is very often in very short supply.

Today, many war veterans profoundly regret what was done in Vietnam where American troops burned men, women and children alive following the diktats of a Monster driven by greed that has ruined the lives of many across many continents supporting coup d'├ętats, dictatorial regimes, carrying out illegal invasions, extorting resources, and subjecting millions to lives in extreme poverty.

The United States of America is a country that tells everybody else to live within their means but has no hesitation in building up trillions of Dollars of debt and printing worthless bank notes to take over other countries resources. The United States of America is constantly talking about Democracy and Human Rights while supporting dictators, torture, assassinations and persecution and mistreatment of its own citizens.

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