Sunday, 29 May 2016

1962 - 2016 USA then and now. Russian Federation faces American Empire

In 1962, the world could have witnessed nuclear war when US threatened the then Soviet Union with war because of missiles in Cuba.

Today, after a gigantic amount of patience, the Russian Federation tells warmonger US to stop provoking the Russian Federation by installing missiles in Poland and in Romania, just across the borders of the Russian Federation.

The United States of America, after destabilizing Asia Minor, Middle East and Africa, is actively engaged destabilizing Europe and using the EU in a war by proxy against the Russian Federation.

The refugee crisis that engulfs Europe was created by illegal wars and US military interventions across the world. The USA has trillions of Dollars of debt that it cannot pay and does not want to pay and still spends more in the business of war than all the rest of the world put together. So what is the American recipe? Purely and simply, printing currency and getting deeper and deeper into debt while the rest of the world is told to live within its means and this is exactly the kind of status quo that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund controlled by the USA have promoted.

The USA talks about Human Rights. Well, When people talk about US Foreign Policies the said policies don't seem to have any regard for Human Rights. Just a few days ago, people were remembering Operation Condor, a strategic plan developed by the USA and implemented by Latin American dictatorships that the USA fully supported. In Argentina alone more than 30,000 people were 'disappeared' with total knowledge of the USA and total support from the USA.

Tens of thousands were tortured and killed by Police Forces and Armies trained by the USA who sent special 'instructors and advisers on interrogation methods'. One such adviser was Dan Mitrione who arrived in Uruguay when the country was still under a democratic government. Dan Mitrione was captured and killed by guerrillas in Uruguay but there were many others because as a CIA link he specialized on torture methods applied to political detainees.

A few days before the coup d'├ętat in Chile in September 1973, my father and I attended a meeting of officers of the Uruguayan Air Force. At the meeting, the coup d'├ętat that was going to happen against President Salvador Allende in Chile was mentioned. The Uruguayan Army had taken control of Uruguay in June 1973 with the auspices of the US State Department. So, it was business as usual and very much an integral part of US Foreign Policy.

Old habits die hard and USA is playing with millions of lives for the sake of implementing its warmongering agenda.

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