Friday, 20 May 2016

Donald Trump (business man) or Hillary Clinton (career politician)?

Donald Trump makes the wind blow and Hillary Clinton goes where the wind takes her. In times of uncertainty, Donald Trump is his own man while Hillary Clinton is the Arms Lobby Puppet.

Given the record in terms of Foreign Policies, Hillary Clinton is the Forerunner of War and I am afraid that under Hillary Clinton the warning issued by a former NATO Commander will become a tangible reality with a military confrontation in Europe that will surpass what World War Two.
Think about 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The USA and the Soviet Union almost came to blows because of a few missiles stationed in Cuba. Today, the USA and NATO have a military deployment in Eastern Europe, across the borders of the Russian Federation, that has greater firepower than the German Wehrmacht had right before the June 22, 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union in what was called Operation Barbarossa (Unternehmen Barbarrosa).

The Russian Federation has shown extraordinary patience but not everybody in the Russian Federation is so patient. The Communist Party - the second largest political force in the Russian Federation - has called for retaliation against those who are threatening the Russian Federation.

Having Hillary Clinton at the helm war in Europe is not a subject for philosophical debate but a disastrous certainty.

The German Wehrmacht is now growing up in numbers and fire power - supposedly as a response to a request by the USA under President Barak Obama - within the NATO framework. The US military attitude to keep Britain within the EU is very much part of the strategy of involving the EU in war against the Russian Federation. Either because of NATO links or EU links, all countries will be forced by the USA to go to war in Europe.

In World War Two, the number of dead reportedly reached 60 million. In World War Three, the whole of the European Continent would be wiped out and for millions of years the European Continent will be uninhabitable given extremely high radioactive pollution.

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