Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The problem is that Jack Sen is right when talking about the evils of the so called West

Jack Sen
Something worth thinking about. Jack Sen puts his heart in everything he does and every word is deeply felt. 
His words truly depict that the so called West has become. Paradoxically, so called British Nationalists are their own worst enemies.

People think the migrants are our only problem. They aren't. They can be literally sent packing with the stroke of a pen. They have nothing to do with our divorce rates, broken societies, societal antipathy between men and women, the fact our children are being taught about homosexual relationships in primary school, behind endemic levels of paedophilia on BOTH the left and right.
WE, yes WE are the problem. Western man is selfish, apathetic, often evil, vain, cowardly and rotten to his core. He is fat, stupid and gluttonous. He doesn't know his place, has been thoroughly ravaged by the impact of cultural Marxism whether he sees himself as a Marxist or Nationalist, and it saddens me to pen this.....simply not worth helping. The vast majority of the people I meet on the right are as vacuous as those on the Left.

I recall giving an interview on the Daily Stormer radio and being asked about Rotherham. When I told the fool interviewing me- a coward going by the name of Sven Longshanks-that western men allowed Rotherham to happen and it was sad that it took someone of indian ancestry to take a stand, he was more concerned about his audience being annoyed I was part indian than what I was saying about Rotherham and the cowardice in our country.

''But your granddad was like a white indian, right?''
My response? You should be worrying about the yellow streak of cowardice running down the backs of most of the men in this country, than the colour of my granddad's skin. ''You could start by using your real name on the air.''
Dealing with people like these and the sort of scum that would rather attack a fellow nationalist than defend his country, is one of the primary reasons I often wonder if it is even worth trying to fight for this country....
Then I picture my mum, most of my family, my daughter, the decent elderly people I meet when I travel by bus, my friends, the great colleagues I've met since embarking on this journey and think to myself...this is who we are fighting for. Eff the rest.

Jack Sen

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