Sunday, 29 May 2016

A veteran who lost his legs fighting for Britain in Afghanistan had to apply three times for citizenship

Cayle Royce

A South African who joined British Forces in Afghanistan and lost his legs fighting against Taliban had to apply three times for British Citizenship despite the fact that he had been awarded an MBE.

One wonders how many times those who have done practically nothing for Britain and come to Britain to milk the Welfare State have to apply for British Citizenship before they actually get it.

The buck stops with the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the clown that walks around talking about how much he cares for the British Armed Forces.

If David Cameron and the cohort of those who support him really cared about those putting their lives on the line of fire for Britain, they would put legislation through the House of Commons to ensure that the shambolic system a British veteran had to face is no more. We will have to check the records of the House of Commons to see if the South African soldier's plight was ever mentioned. Since Cayle Royce was awarded an MBE I have to conclude that Cayle Royce was mentioned in the Houses of Parliament but those in charge of the Home Office seem to have been unaware of who they were dealing with.

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