Thursday, 16 June 2016

European Union Prosperity?

European Union prosperity? Statements made by politicians that talk about the benefits for the United Kingdom as a member of the European Union seem to be based on hot air. Looking at unemployment levels, one wonders what would the situation be if David Cameron and George Osborne were saying the the European Union is not prosperous.

With unemployment at 45 per cent, Spain is not far from Greece's 49%, followed by Italy with 39%, Portugal with 30%, France with 26% and UK with 13%.

We haven't even started talking about what is considered as 'being employed'. Zero Hour Contracts and Sub-Employment - working for a few hours with very low pay - it is seen as 'being employed'. If we add up the numbers of those working less and/or earning less, then unemployment numbers would be much higher, adding on top the number of those who are neither employed nor registered as unemployed.

David Cameron, George Osborne and others fail to make the economic case for the United Kingdom to maintain its European Union membership. They fail the political test when they support an un-elected European Commission as the Executive body of the European Union and they failed to make the case also when it comes to immigration.

Having failed on all three counts, all they have left in an endless list of threats to terrorise the British public as the number of people wanting to see the backs of David Cameron, George Osborne and their acolytes steadily grows.

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