Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Unelected EU Commission runs the European Union

This is the reality. Presidents, Senators and Representatives in the US are elected. In the European Union an unelected European Commission calls the shots and has the initiative while the European Parliament has no powers to initiate any legislative process.

The European Union is a de-facto dictatorship and this is what those wanting to leave the European Union are about.

Twenty-Eight un-elected individuals running the European Union and telling everybody what to do but... wait a minute... one individual telling everybody what to do and his name is Jean Claude Juncker who is said to run the European Commission as his own business. The words of Louis XIV come handy: L'Etat c'est moi. I am the State.
Fundamental freedoms are being taken away from legitimately elected parliaments and given to a clique. This is dangerous and sooner than later will lead to war in Europe. Those who defend the dictatorship say that the European Union protects worker's rights. Does the European Union protect worker's rights? Absolutely not. France has been seized by strikes protesting against measures imposed by a Socialist government that cares very little about worker's right. Any words from European Union mandarins? None whatsoever. Imposition by force and repression are the ways of the European Union.

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