Saturday, 31 December 2016

Jo Cox MP was killed by the British Parliament

Thomas Mair didn't kill Jo Cox MP. Jo Cox MP was killed by massive under-funding of mental health services and legislation that is not fit purpose that prevents helping those who need help.

On the eve of the attack against Jo Cox, Thomas Mair had asked for NHS help, help that was denied by telling him to come back some time later. Thomas Mair felt that he wasn't coping and asked for support. Without support, he went on to commit murder.

Today, the number of teenagers taking their lives is rising. The number of inmates in British prisons taking their lives is rising. Parliament has the ultimate responsibility to produce legislation that does not become a hurdle, that does not prevent helping those who need help and that might not be in a position to even ask for help.

Very often - the Police, Social Services, the National Health Service and NHS England are blocked by legislation passed by Parliament that is not fit for purpose. This is why Jo Cox MP was killed by the British Parliament. Thomas Mair was yet another victim of a system that is not working.

And Thomas Mair has not been the only one to be let down by the system. The mass media report the tragedies but stop short of talking about the real causes. Some time ago, a patient suffering from schizophrenia pleaded with his doctors not to let him go because he felt that he couldn't control himself. The direct consequence was that he was allowed to leave a mental facility and went on to kill an elderly man in a park.

Inmates are killing themselves in British prisons in rising numbers. The mass media talk about statistics and soon after the news is brushed under the carpet. Nothing gets done. Teenagers are taking their lives in increasing numbers. Nothing gets done.


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