Sunday, 1 January 2017

Religion of Peace: By the truck load.

When trucks are not being used to enter countries illegally, they are used on the streets to kill passers-by and the politically correct society will then make desperate efforts to brush under the carpet the crimes being committed.

At one point, German Police were told not to record crimes committed by followers of the Religion of Peace and the mass media were told to keep things hash-hash.

Today, German Police are rounding up followers of the Religion of Peace because the problem is so widespread that there is no carpet big enough to hide the realities that people like Angela Merkel didn't want to even mention.

Because of the Religion of Peace, there are increased security measures everywhere, including London. We are becoming hostages in our own cities to the point that the hysteria is affecting Police Forces that in despair act against anybody, while the luvvy Liberals keep promoting flood immigration and open borders.

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