Monday, 23 January 2017

Nuclear Deterrent: Chicken coming to roost

British Nuclear Deterrent

Not independent and it might not even deter

We have witnessed the evolution of the so called British Independent Nuclear Deterrent that is neither British, nor Independent and it might not deter anybody.

For 13 years, Labour procrastinated about the renewal of Britain's nuclear capabilities. Whether there are three or four submarines capable of carrying nuclear missiles is frankly irrelevant.

Whenever a renewal was in order, the United Kingdom would be totally dependent on the USA.

Parliament debated many options including the number of submarines involved, the type of missiles to be carried on submarines, but the main issue remains and is the fact that to have a nuclear deterrent Britain is not self-sufficient and when you depend on others to provide you the military capabilities you are not independent at all.

During the war years, Winston Churchill sold the secrets of nuclear energy to the USA in exchange for USA support and USA went on to develop atomic devices that were used in the latter years of World War Two against Japan.

The United Kingdom was the great loser of World War Two. The United Kingdom was an independent Nation and head of a vast empire. The United Kingdom became a tired country that having lost the Empire was riddled with debts and at the end the Metropolis became a colony of its own former colonies.

In 1975, a Prime Minister called Edward Heath believed to be doing a great thing to enslave Britain believing that it was financially advantageous. The consequences of such folly are now plainly visible for all to see. Generation after generation of Britons were brainwashed and made feel guilty because there ever war a British Empire. Funnily enough, all those who gladly engaged in degrading Britain's National Identity benefited greatly from the British Empire.

Today, anybody claiming to be a patriot is called Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe. Such is the level of brainwashing that deters people from standing for National Interest. And... oh... surprise... a political change in the United States of America suddenly shook the status quo and Parliament just realises and many others realise that they have living in a lie. When it comes to its own defences, Britain is no longer self-sufficient and it has a steadily growing domestic enemy as whatever is left of British Identity is disintegrating.

Karl Hohenstauffen

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