Wednesday, 11 January 2017

NHS - the real cause of troubles is lack of proper management of public resources

Political parties can try and score points in the National Health Debate. It is not just about Accident and Emergency Services. Hospitals are being burdened by a reduction of Social Services that keep patients in NHS wards unnecessarily because they cannot be supported at home.

General habits of the population are also driving the National Health Service downwards. Too much alcohol consumption, too much tobacco consumption, narcotics, over eating and lack of healthy exercise habits make the situation a lot worse because are making themselves ill and everybody else pick up the tariff for their stupidity.
We come to the point when fitness checks in workplaces should be mandatory and those who are not fit should be forced to get fit in order to keep their jobs. The Everything Goes Society can destroy the National Health Service that was meant to deal with illnesses that cannot be avoided and not the illnesses people create with idiotic behaviour.

There are times when most of those being admitted in Accident and Emergency are individuals affected by alcohol and narcotics, either directly or indirectly. Penalties against drinkers and drugs users should be a lot harsher.

There is also the issue of privacy laws that hamper the efforts of Police, Social Services and the National Health Service when mental issues linked to alcohol consumption, narcotics use and other unhealthy habits.

Financial resources is just one aspect of the whole problem.

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