Sunday, 15 January 2017

Berezovsky/Litvinenko/Islamic Dreams

June 22, 1941 - Unternehmen Barbarossa
June 22, 1941, Unternehmen Barbarossa - Wehrmacht launches invasion of the Soviet Union, after massing forces along the borders. 2017- Nato masses forces along the borders of the Russian Federation. Mmmm......
Alexandr Litvinenko
Massively publicised death of Alexandr Litvinenko who was on the payroll of the British Security Services but played a double game supporting Chechen rebels linked to AlQaeda and Taliban at the time when Britain was involved in military offensive against AlQaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan. Alexandr Litvinenko was contacted by Russian Federation envoys offering him safe passage in exchange for documents that could compromise Boris Berezosvky who was working with the CIA facilitating exile in Britain of "businessmen and foreign politicians" involved in corruption scandals- also a double game since Berezovsky was dealing with the Italian Mafia to provide weapons and money for Chechen rebels. A meeting with a certain Italian journalist presumably investigating Mafia comes to mind. Alexandr Livtinenko eliminated by British Agents to protect both Tony Blair and Boris Berezovsky from a massive scandal. His wife tried to force British Services to acknowledge that her husband was officially working for them. The British Establishment used him used him as long as he was useful to them and then they killed him.
Boris Berezovsky
Soon afterwards, Boris Berezosvky himself was "suicided" by British agents once he ceased to be useful and became much more of a liability. I was asked to travel to a Latin America country to collect information that could have brought down Berezovsky and the British government. I didn't manage to get to the airport as the new broke out that Berezovsky had been found dead.

As always, the mass media fully cooperate to provide cover ups and brainwash the wider public with a mythology that they easily swallow, a mythology they have been fed since birth by mass media, politicians and the entertainment industry that funnily enough uses the same strategies to attack a President Elect in the USA. Today, a CIA high ranking official attack President Elect Donald Trump. Coincidences? There are no coincidences.

In the meantime, the build up of forces prone to attack the Russian Federation continues. If they attack the Russian Federation, will they say that the Russian Federation attacked herself?

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