Thursday, 26 January 2017

President Donald Trump is Real America

President Donald Trump is real America, the America of the miners, the farmers, the factory workers, the forgotten little people that are only seen when tragedy strikes and the time comes to put lives on the line of fire.

Who is Meryl Streep? Who's Alec Baldwin and Madonna? Who are they? Where were they when American miners, farmers, factory workers and the forgotten little people were losing their jobs? They were very comfortably living lives of plenty, blatantly unaware of the plight of the little people.

It is very good to walk around saving the Planet when others are losing their livelihoods and being left abandon at the side of the road. And this is what happened to America, when going to American ports you could easily tell the difference between the areas where things were coming in and things were going out. The areas of things coming in are full of containers loaded with foreign imports while the areas of things going out are practically empty. Did Meryl Streep worry about it? Did Alec Baldwin or Madonna worry about it? Did they even talk about it?

President Donald Trump represents the forgotten America, the America that has been abandoned, set aside. Make America Great Again means to give a voice to the millions of forgotten hard workers that don't happen to live in the cities of plenty but in the barren lands of despair. There is no Hollywood-style accolades for miners, farmers, factory workers and the forgotten little people. They are not constantly on display on television screens being paraded as examples of success - success based on the machinations of the mass media.

Reopen the collieries, bring back the farmers, bring back manufacturing and give hope to the little people that are true America. Charity begins at home. America belongs to the little people, the forgotten people, the people that the mass media and the political elites have ignored.

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