Thursday, 4 August 2016

The truth behind President Barak Obama

Hollywood and the Liberal Establishment wanted us to believe that President Barak Obama has been the first Black American President. The truth couldn't be farther away from reality.

President Barak Obama's mother was a white woman called Ann Dunham. This is not about racism. This is about telling the truth to the American public and to the world.

There are also doubts about who was President Barak Obama's real father. There are doubts about where he was actually born. And there are doubts about President Barak Obama's real faith, if he has any and how his faith or lack of it has influenced his Foreign Policy and his governance as a whole.

The world was shocked to know that the Nobel Peace Prize Award had been awarded to President Barak Obama at a time when the United States of America has been involved in a record number of armed conflicts across the world.

The Hollywood movie industry created a myth, like many other myths that the Hollywood movie industry has created but myths are myths. They are not reality. Now, look who has represented the Democratic Party in the USA. Before him there was a man who had fellatio inside the Oval Office at the White House and came out saying under Oath that what the media were saying was not true. 'I never had a sexual relationship with that woman', said President Bill Clinton. He was forced to come out with the true when he faced impeachment.

And who is the perfect candidate for President now? A woman that has been portrayed as perfect mother and wife when in fact she is reported to have had lesbian affairs - so many that her own husband Bill Clinton said once 'Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have'.

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