Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Boris Johnson as British Foreign Secretary with Sun Tzu perfection

Boris Johnson is a political heavyweight. Behind the façade is a very clever political operator.

Boris Johnson used Sun Tzu principles with absolute mastery.

When his name was floated as Prime Ministerial candidate, he knew exactly how to play his card.

Who do the British people favour? The underdog. Michael Gove went for the top job and in so doing made Boris Johnson the underdog, the man everybody should feel pity of, the man that was put aside by his best friend, that man whose political career was coming to an end because of  a treacherous act.

Boris Johnson knew perfectly well the kind of rival candidate Theresa May would be and rather than going for the top job that the other contenders failed to get at a huge cost, Boris Johnson took the biggest prize that he could possibly get in the present circumstances and the other contenders - Liam Fox, Michal Gove, Andrew Leadsom and Stephen Crabb - were left behind as casualties of war.

This was the work of a master politician that knows exactly how to get what he wants and knows what is possible and what isn't.

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