Sunday, 3 July 2016

Zero Hour Contract companies paying employees with two months delay

We keep getting reports of companies employing staff on Zero Hour Contracts paying their employees with a two-month delay. In a country in which Members of Parliament employ staff on Zero Hour Contracts you have to the conclusion that exploitation has been legalised.

Some people are not even paid the minimum wage and they are forced to work on commission. I wonder what the Inland Revenue has to say about it or is has the Inland Revenue become a criminal organisation that works against the United Kingdom?

It is a disgraceful situation in a country in which the pensions deficit keeps growing and legislation has being going through Parliament to delay and delay the age of retirement. When are successive governments in the United Kingdom going to put a halt to exploitation?

Who are the ones bound to suffer most? Those who are facing desperate financial situations. If there ever was an example of a political system that isn't working, this is it. This is the clearest example of Slavery when people are under paid, paid late or made to work without pay.

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