Sunday, 3 July 2016

Harassment, Bigotry and Racism are neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

Harassment is neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

For those who claim to stand for British Values and British Interests the message is very clear: bigotry, harassment and racist behaviour has nothing to do with British Values and British Interests.

Moreover, the claims of Nationalist political parties is that they want a Europe of Independent Nations working together in peace and harmony. Therefore, harassing and insulting European Nationals is a contradiction in terms with the aims of Nationalist political parties.

But most importantly, bigotry, harassment and racist behaviour are forms of criminal behaviour that shouldn't be tolerated anywhere and those involved in criminal behaviour should be countered and be made accountable for their acts. The UK Referendum on EU Membership was a legitimate and democratic exercise but it is not a licence to engage in criminal acts and Parliament must now implement the decision made by the British Electorate.

In the meantime, those EU citizens affected by the outcome of the UK Referendum on EU Membership must be told that they have rights. In fact, according to present UK legislation all EU Citizens are entitled to claim UK Residence Rights after five years of living and working the United Kingdom. Their rights are protected by UK Immigration Laws.

We must all live in an environment in which mutual respect is the rule. There will always be anti-social individuals that will use any opportunity to engage in anti-social behaviour. They must be countered, they must be arrested and made accountable.

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