Thursday, 29 September 2011

The NHS is not a business. Life is sacred

Living in a mass consumption society, we have grown accustomed to words like 'value for money'. This expression is applied to practically everything, including healthcare.

Suddenly, we hear even British doctors saying that keeping a human being alive is not value for money and stating that adding another day to a human being’s life is too expensive. This kind of expressions remind me of Nazi health economics, when school children were asked to calculate how much money could be saved by destroying the lives of disabled human beings.

Life is sacred. Life is not about value for money. Decisions about healthcare based on money are a slippery slope towards a dehumanised society and are made in ignorance of the sacred value of life. The aim of constant medical research is not about money. It is about Life.

If we stop eating because it costs money, we wouldn’t be alive. Health is not a business concern. Health is a fundamental priority.

When we look at countries like the United States of America that are still living in the Middle Ages when it comes to providing healthcare to its citizens, we value our National Healthcare System.

The NHS is not a business. The NHS is not about value for money. The NHS is about Life itself. 

Carlos Cortiglia   

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