Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Scottish and EU students from others countries will not pay... but...

Mike Russell MSP - SNP Education Minister
If there ever was a slap on the face against the United Kingdom, this is it. In Scotland, Scottish students will not pay University tuition fees and EU students from other countries outside the United Kingdom will not pay either.

English students could pay as much as 36,000 pound for the privilege of studying in Scotland. Is this what Labour meant when they implemented Devolution? So now, English, Welsh and Northern Irish are effectively third class in Scotland because anybody coming from other European Union countries will be paying nothing.

What is more, there are no democratic mechanisms in place to avoid such injustices. Those in Scotland that still support the United Kingdom should be asked: is this fair? Is this what you really want?

I reckon that such injustices will turn into extreme resentment against people who are merely at the receiving end of the actions of a government that again and again uses policies as direct provocation against the United Kingdom.

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