Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Steve Squire: Remember! The fight goes on!

As BNP London Organiser, I - Steve Squire - say that we are BNP in bad times and we are BNP in good times, as then Chris Roberts, BNP Acting London Organiser, told us in June 2010, right after the General Election and after an appearance in BBC Question Time.

"Foreword by Chris Roberts Acting London Organiser

Our enemies and the enemies of the British people have written us off, "the BNP in London is finished they gloat"! At May's 2010 Mayor's Question Time Conservative and Labour GLA Assembly members were congratulating themselves that we now have no BNP councillors in London.

I argued long before the recent elections that it is still not our time, holding a General Election at the same time as Council elections was always going to hurt our vote. The first past the post system is very difficult to overcome, yet we still polled brilliantly and our core vote held up very well. Remember Gordon Brown has poured millions of taxpayers' money into the system to keep it afloat prior to the election. The bill for all that is still be paid and paying it off by the CONDEMS will cause immense hurt to Working and Middle class alike.

The Front National had their vote squeezed in France 2 elections back and polled badly, however, as Sarkozy failed to deliver the goods, millions of French people flocked back to vote for Jean Marie Le Pen in their 2010 elections. The CONDEMS will also be unable to deliver, being signed up to Globalisation as all the Westminster Traitor parties are means there medicine for our ills is more of the same poison previously administered by the recent Labour Government.

2012 could be a year of a major breakthrough for London BNP, the London GLA elections are fought on a proportional representation basis which greatly assists our chances. But to maximize our vote every single Branch, Group, Contact and individual in London will have to contribute, without that it will not be possible to make an even bigger breakthrough than 2008, we have all worked so hard to further our party, now is the time to dig really deep and fight back with every ounce of out strength. That's why we must start now for 2012. In this booklet I have set out a team of individuals who will form the committee to put our 2012 campaign in action from September 2010 others will from time to time be co-opted on as the campaign develops. Everyone can contribute with ideas and suggestions, I want all members of London BNP to buy in to our campaign as we all work hard to make our Capital City a place to be treasured and proud to be a Londoner. 

So come on everyone don't wait to be asked, lets deliver a massive BNP vote in the capital and stick 2 fingers up to the LIBLABCOM traitors who have so smugly written us off! Remember the old adage "DON'T GET MAD GET EVEN"."

Chris Roberts - June 2010

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