Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kenneth Clarke: 78% of rioters were known criminals

When none other than Kenneth Clarke MP, a Conservative politician, says that 78% of those involved in the riots were known criminals, you can see that all the excuses given by the BBC, the Labour Party and their acolytes don’t wash. Criminal records can be checked and verified. Against facts, left-wing ideological statements are worthless and powerless.

Kenneth Clarke goes even further. He is not talking only about individuals. He refers to a criminal class (not the working class, but the criminal class) made up of ‘individuals and families who are familiar with the justice system’. This might sound a bit like the expression ‘collateral damage’ but, translated from the language of political correctness, it means ‘individuals and families that are most probably out of work, that do not want to work, supported by welfare payments, living in subsidized accommodation, with lots of spare time and most probably linked to some of the more than 250 armed gangs that operate in London.'

What Kenneth Clarke calls ‘a broken penal system’ cannot cope and this is why we are forced to live in fear of being attacked by what he calls ‘a feral underclass’. This is the reality and not the rosy picture painted by left-wing operators or even by Prime Minister David Cameron who talks about ‘giving them more money’. Expensive houses worth millions of pound and the welfare system are not enough? The present welfare system and subsidized accommodation are precisely the reasons why the said ‘criminal class’ exists.

Throwing away more money to support undesirables will merely make the problem worse. What about the expression ‘crime does not pay’? Investing even more money to support criminals will show that ‘crime pays’ and will perpetuate a situation promoted by the Labour Party that used the welfare system to buy votes. In Labour Britain, entire families have been shown to be involved in crime. Given Labour’s  ‘modernising approach’ regarding what is and what is not a family, the problem will not go away merely with harsher prison sentences.

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