Monday, 8 July 2013

Forcing Trade Union members to give money to Labour Party is illegal

Miliband / McCluskey
The headline: Miliband to put an end to automatic signing of Trade Union members as Labour Party members. The Daily Telegraph refers to yet another pseudo legal mechanism that should be abolished.

The proof is in the pudding, tells us the popular saying. The Trade Union system is fraudulent. Trade Unions should represent workers, not political parties. The fact remains that many members of UNITE who are not supporters of the Labour Party are forced to give money to the Labour Party.

If using public tax monies to support the Labour Party via a pretend fund ‘to develop Trade Unions’ was not enough, it is absolutely shameful and I would say that it should also be declared illegal a system that automatically links up Trade Union membership with the Labour Party.

We know the Labour Party is a fraud. How can the Labour Party allow Members of Parliament and Councillors to use subsidized housing? The Labour Party also allows individuals who are in fact Labour Party representatives posing as Trade Union representatives to get salaries without working.

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