Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Voice: Is Labour losing the black vote?

Black communities in Britain are waking up and realising that the Labour Party does not support their interests. The Black newspaper The Voice reported that Southwark Councillor Althea Smith claimed the she was deselected for speaking her mind and indicated that 'The Labour Party knows they always get the black vote so they do not do anything for us.

The Voice also publishes comments of a Labour Activist who said: "When I joined the party, I thought they were a good opposition to the Tories but now my opinion has changed. They can't represent working class people, many of whom are black. The party is so far removed, I don't think they have the comprehension it requires to understand they are taking votes for granted".

Labour's Grassroot Activists say that the Labour Party only wants foot soldiers and this confirms what the British National Party has been saying proving that Black Communities have been fooled by the Labour Apparatchiks who are using them as Toilet Paper.

Perhaps a reminder of Labour attitudes towards the Black Communities is the fact that a reported Police Operation against Stephen Lawrence's family took place under Home Secretary Jack Straw MP.

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