Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rational change instead of idiotic violence

Rational change instead of idiotic violence

Attacking Mosques and Churches is irrational and will achieve absolutely nothing. Harassing or attacking people in the streets will change absolutely nothing. What did September 11th 2001 achieve? What did July 7th 2005 achieve? What have been the consequences of irrational acts?

They made headlines and were used as justification by those who make money out of invasions and interference in Muslim countries and they have been used to destroy our Civil Liberties with the implementation of Draconian legislation that justifies more and more intrusion into our private lives.

Many people – including ourselves – talk about Edward Snowden. Well, the issue is that what Edward Snowden denounced was created by acts of irrationality. If some idiots had not gone around blowing up building and killing people, we wouldn’t have Anti-Terror Legislation that allows detention without trial and we wouldn’t have Guantanamo, we wouldn’t have Rendition Flights, we wouldn’t have the Afghanistan war. Irrationality leads to more irrationality.

Today, the people of Pakistan complain that they are attacked with American drones and that innocent civilians are being killed. The American government is guilty of murder but it all started with irrational acts carried out by Saudi Arabian citizens. This is happening thanks to Muslim attacks against the Twin Towers in New York.

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