Friday, 5 July 2013

Ed Miliband, Unite and the Referendum Bill

Labour handed over a dossier to police amid allegations Unite tried to rig the selection of the party's candidateto fight the Falkirk by-election.
In the latest chapter of a long novel that started with the rejection of a White Jewish female candidate in Birmingham because she was 'too white and too Jewish', followed by a Labour rebellion in the House of Commons against the Leadership of the Labour Party that does not support a Referendum on Europe, now the trade union UNITE says that it cannot trust the Labour Leadership any longer.

When Labour Leader Ed Miliband asked for an investigation regarding alleged 'vote rigging carried out by UNITE during a candidate selection contest in Falkirk', Mr. McCluskey, Leader of Unite, said a report criticizing trade union behavior was a 'stich-up'.

The Labour Party has now said that evidence about reported electoral irregularities are being handed over to Police showing that the rift between the Labour Party and Unite - trade union that has donated 8 million Pound to the Labour Party - is now bigger than ever.


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