Friday, 26 July 2013

If we say that we are against centralization, we must be consistent

The British National Party says that concentration of power in the European Union is wrong because concentration of power goes against the rights of independent countries. The same criteria must therefore apply to the running of the British National Party avoiding centralization and allowing each region to run its own affairs for the common good. Each region maintains its independence without interfering in the affairs of other regions while working towards common aims.

Instead of having a vertical approach, we have a horizontal approach. We support each other without imposing our will on others or pressuring others to accept interference. Most regions or all the regions of the British National Party are run by volunteers who invest their time and resources to keep the British National Party alive.

Nationalism is not about imposing our views on others. We have our own views and we respect the views of others. Undue interference leads to conflict situations that negatively affects morale.

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