Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Economy in free fall and worse to come thanks to flood immigration

Economy in free fall and worse to come thanks to flood immigration
The British economy is in free fall as immigration figures explode and we are in the deepest recession since World War Two. This is a Tale of what could be expected. We have known it all along but how much people need to suffer before they take action? The LibLabCon crap used by the mass media to brainwash the masses brings closer the Day of Reckoning.
The European sinking ships will go down to the bottom, regardless of the talking and the worthless but very expensive patches designed by Eurocrats and the IMF. As the faces of the politicians get wrinkled, economies continue to shrink.
The war they say they are trying to avoid might come sooner than later because of the mayhem created by ideological stupidity. Issues of identity are now more important than ever before to maintain internal security and cohesion. Immigration for financial reasons has little to do with national allegiance.
In America there is talk of recreating an Anglo-Saxon Alliance with Britain. Well, this is not going down well with those that have made their best to destroy America and Britain. George Bush brought a bust of Winston Churchill into the White House. One of the first actions of the 'foreign' President was to get rid of it and this signalled very clearly his intentions concerning Anglo-American relations. 
What is significantly important is that both America and Britain are affected by the same kind of political and religious infestations.  

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