Sunday, 29 July 2012

A very expensive Olympic Fiasco

A Very Expensive Olympic Fiasco

There is talk of giving away seats at Olympic venues to fill up the gaps that have become an embarrassment of international proportions. It has been a management disaster since the very beginning and a combination of miscalculation, ignorance, bad planning and lack of investment in key areas like… development of sport facilities to encourage more people to participate in sports.

Looking around London it is easy to see derelict sporting facilities also plagued by bad management that keeps the general public away from sporting venues. LibLabCon have done it again.

When they talk about giving away seats, one asks the question of what would all those people who spent thousand of pounds to get seats will feel when they see others getting seats for less money or even free seats.

This is yet another shambles that is very much a repetition of what has happened in other areas of government during decades because all so called mainstream political parties share the blame for the destruction of public services, manufacturing, health, education and for this very public exercise of sheer stupidity.

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